Sunday, March 28, 2010


This year is on a gallop to the end! and what an eventful few months it has been.. good drugs, higher self esteem, breaking barriers, being ambitious and loving harder.

Good pot, amazing music, ambitious plans, hard work in office and creating good vibes have kept me busy this year. So busy that i didnt have the time to even think about what im going to write up here. So i smoked a joint, put some mad music loud and started to celebrate the holiday! It sure feels good to be at home on a monday.

I have been very receptive to where this year is heading. There is a vibe of hope, new thought, and that want to make something happen. It sure is not easy because the people in power are more idiots than you and i think.

So i thought this must change.

This year is my year of foundations. and it could be everyones too i believe. Its the best time to do that something you always wanted to do, wanted to feel or change. so i have laid foundations to secure my loved ones, live a little better, do better drugs, and be a living example of where i feel we should all go.

We live in paradise.

SL is such a small place.

I realised that Sri Lanka is not the best place to have a drug blog... because a lot of busts have been made by the almighty pigs just by hearing the common drug stories you and i talk about.

So im not going to update this with the specific drugs that i consume. but rest assured... im high, happy and been blessed this year :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Vividbats Opinion On The Elections



Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's Your Drug?

“A drug - broadly speaking, is any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function. There is no single, precise definition for the term - Definition from Wikipedia.”

I was pondering what a drug really is. I see some people bounce off walls after eating sugar, then you get the people who are one track minded about getting laid, The people who just salivate and seem like they are in a trance when food is around them, Some are addicted to Coffee.. and might actually go into spasms if they don’t get their fix, and some who like getting into a rut ALL the time. I believe whatever happens to you in life, intentional or unintentional has to do something with your aura, energy or your level of attraction. Some by choice and some without.. but what you cant take the fact that it’s happening to YOU.

I love drugs in quite a conventional sense, but as we all know LOVE, SEX, FOOD..etc are all strong drugs. You can really overdose on it and you can really DIE in the process as well. Which all have similar characteristics to the conventional qualities of DRUGS. I mean.. Whatever makes you tick right? Some people like stuffing themselves, some like to cut themselves and some like to indulge in themselves or be addicted to someone else.

Such strong actions take place because there is a significantly strong and unusual chemical reaction in your body that really rocks your socks off! and we all indulge in them.. Whether is will be a pot smoker or a over obsessive lover.

I love my Marijuana and my LSD.( i love a LOT of other things as well.. but as i stated in my first post.. This is about ONE specific side to me... which is the "druggie" side to me :) ) Thinking about it makes me happy.. and triggers a chemical reaction in my body that is very different to when i think about something mundane (like Coldplay).

But its easy for the masses to tag me a druggie than a person who is actually addicted to something like FOOD and will kill himself in a few years from the intake of a million calories a day.

In that sense arnt we all druggies?

He is normal.. he died of a heart attack.. but im a DRUGGIE.. because i smoke pot

Strange world we live in eh?

P.S - Im just heading off to the Cinnamon Grand for the ALL YOU CAN EAT - Mongolian BBQ Promotion! hahaha..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sober Month (Relatively)

I think im having withdrawal symptoms of December. It’s such a high and a rush that it just whizzes past you.... Next thing you know its January, a new year, new resolutions, dreams, targets, and everything that you might and might not anticipate.

I have been off Ciggys for the most part of this year so far. i believe i have only had only a couple! and i haven’t smoked much pot either. i was lucky enough to get a lovely bud that was grown in our own Sri lankan soil.. you know the stuff that looks like THIS (all you pot smokers will hate me.. hehehe)

Its quite ironic that we dont really get to smoke Marijuana that looks like that. it tasted so good, and the high was just immaculate. sigh.. its tough to go back to the Marijuana that is available from your usual dodgy weed peddler. The peddler gets if from a person who is in a rural area just growing pot without any knowledge of its true potential. Or maybe the person who grows it just grows it to make his ends meet... simple logic like - If i grow this plant, i can earn money. OR everyone is just too LAZY. Lazy to grow good pot, Lazy to want some good pot, and just too lazy to do anything about it...

Im not lazy...

I have been getting some good bud for the first time in my life this year... and im going to do everything i can to not depend on the black market or the dodgy weed peddler for crappy weed. I believe in doing things well.

I will smoke good pot this year.. the wheels have been put into motion :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Lazy Sunday

Im in a good mood! Its gloomy in Colombo. and its so nice to spend an afternoon in your room not cursing the heat. What a beautiful Sunday...

Met up with my impending Jobless friend for a bluesy jam session. which ended up in us smoking, jamming more, Listening to some hectic new musicians and cursing the slow ADSL connections in Colombo. and we got into the conversation about the day - Sunday.

Sunday is known as the chill out day. a day where we dont have to worry about too many responsibilities or priorities. the bible says even GOD took a break on sunday. But isnt it funny how people around the world decided to go to Sunday mass and talk to god on the very day he specifically took a break?? Poor ol god must be like.. "Keeeeeeep awayyyyy... stop asking for things!!! its my day of slumberrr... aghhhhhhhh!!!!"

Sunday is not like Saturday.. Even though you are on chilled out mode you have this panful feeling at the back of your mind that you have to WORK TOMORROW. So you have an option to be depressed or make the most of your Sunday and go on super chillout mode or go on super party mode. After last month - i think ill pick the super chill out mode.

Im depressed with the weed im getting these days.. maybe because i have been blessed with smoking some good bud last week. sigh.. once you smoke that, you just cant go back to local pot - so tough. but im in the process of not being in this position in the coming years. I need to smoke good pot that smells and taste like fruit!

Going to arrange my room and prepare for the night now. have some super cool movies to watch and a lot of shitty pot to smoke... Still, that sounds quite lovely. Its just the weather :)